Meet Grey Remedy Ceramics

May 16, 2018 | Vendor SpotlightComments 0


Want a sneak peek into this summer’s West Lake Market? Here’s a quick Q&A with one of our exclusive vendors this season, Melissa Chin from Grey Remedy Ceramics!



Q: How long has your business been around and how did it start?

A: I have been designing the Grey Remedy line since the summer of 2017, and I finally launched in December 2017!


Q: What are you most excited to share with West Lake Market shoppers?

A: I think that the pottery production process is a mystery to a lot of people, so I’m most excited to answer questions about how my pieces are made and to help people understand all of the love, time, and hard work that goes into creating ceramics by hand.   


Q: What advice do you have for others wanting to start their own business in Chicago?

A: Go where the people are! Think about who would get the most out of what your business offers and find creative ways to connect with these people in person. This is a wonderful way to build awareness about your brand, and also to get real feedback that will help you to make your business stronger.



Q: When you’re not working, where can we find you?

A: Now that summer is coming, you’ll be able to find me on the beach or at the park, soaking up the sun with a smoothie in-hand! Chicago is my favorite place to be during the summertime.


Q: What has been the most rewarding part of your business?

A: I get to help people add beauty to their most cherished daily rituals. Grey Remedy is all about finding the moments that help us to create balance in our daily lives, whether that be sitting down for a cup of tea in the morning or cooking and eating a healthy homemade meal. I try to design products that make these moments extra special. 



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