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The West Lake Market debut is just around the corner, so we’re getting ready for a summer full of festivities, family fun, and amazing shopping! Here’s a sneak peek Q&A with one of our favorite Chicago vendors, Mashallah Ghouleh, owner of MASHALLAH!




Q: How long has your business been around and how did it start?


A: MASHALLAH was established almost 7 years ago. The idea to start an accessory label came from an organic place because I have always indulged in wearing simple clothing and allowed my jewelry to make the statement instead. As many people do, I hit a plateau in my career early on and sought to challenge myself in a way that would continue to feed my inner artist.



Q: What are you most excited to share with West Lake Market shoppers?


A: My team and I are excited to introduce and educate shoppers on our eco-friendly accessory label that we are confident they will love!



Q: What advice do you have for others wanting to start their own business in Chicago?


A: Have confidence in yourself. Set goals, both small and large. Surround yourself with inspirational people. Do not be discouraged when you make mistakes. 



Q: When you’re not working, where can we find you?


A: When I have free time, there is no telling what part of the city you will find me. I love to do anything that involves art, culture, music, food, and shopping. Chicago is a great city to enjoy these activities in abundance!



Q: What has been the most rewarding part of your business?


A: Opening our flagship store in Pilsen has been a great reward because the space allows us to interact, motivate, and educate our community in incredible ways. This is what I love most about my job; it gives me the ability be inspired by a variety of humans and to also inspire them.


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