YASOU Skincare

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YASOU’s mission is to combine the beauty traditions, natural and organic ingredients from the rich culture of Greece with American technology,  merging “old world” with “new world” to create a new Greek skin care experience for all!

YASOU has given me the joy of reconnecting with my heritage. We are a luxe wellness, Greek-inspired, water-base skin care line.  We source our ingredients from the best growers, producers, and suppliers in the U.S.- working as local as possible.

Using natural skin care is a part of living a holistic lifestyle. YASOU skin care offers you multiple health and beauty benefits, creating a new level of luxury in skin care.  I take great care in researching new ingredients and technologies to bring you the best.

YASOU skin care is the manifestation of my heart and passion for good health, good ingredients and a happy life for all.